Saturday, 10 December 2011

Eco Hand Dyed Wool

Firstly, I must apoligise for not publishing a new post on my blog for a while especially when I said I was going to do one, once a week.  I do have an excuse.......our son was married and I made the ring cushions using Machine Embroidery and I also crocheted around 4 white linen hankerchieves for the bride and the mothers and we had to travel interstate for the amazing day.Today I have been in the Kitchen Dyeing Wool with items from the Pantry.
The goodies from the pantry I used were Red Onion Skins, Blueberries, Tumeric and Shiraz.  I have also used Jelly Crystals and Crepe Paper.  These are all boiled on the stove, then added vinegar, to fix the colour, and boiled again for another 30 minutes to an hour.  The colours from these give you a soft coloured wool except for the tumeric. 
I am really enjoying experimenting with natural plant dyes and I have also steamed dyed a silk scarf with pepper tree leaves which gave a nice pale yellow leaf pattern on the fabric.  I attended a workshop back in the Winter, where we were shown how to do the steam dyeing.  Eucalypt leaves give you a wonderful orange colour on wool and a peach colour when using silk. 
You will see the colours you achieve from the photos. 
 Wool dyed with Jelly Crystals.
 Wool dyed with Crepe Paper.
 Wool dyed with Onions Skins, Blueberries, Tumeric and Shiraz.
 Jelly dyed.
Steam dyed with Pepper Tree leaves.


  1. came from linked'in~I have to admit I know very little about yarn~but I can tell you are an expert! very interesting post~glad you are blogging again. Would for you to visit my blog~

  2. Found you via linkedIn - Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your jelly dyed yarns!


  4. What wonderfully vibrant colours you achieved! I'm so used to seeing pastel or muddy colours when using natural dyes. Yours are more impressive to me, and more inspiring. Makes me want o have a go myself! Thanks for sharing.

  5. The colours you achieved are fabulous. Well done x