Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Other Items

My sister and I were lucky enough to attend a 2 day workshop conducted by Anne Mitchell the owner of Genesis Creations from Toowoomba.  Genesis Creations is Australian owned and the products are made in Australia.  Anne showed us how to use their Liquid Radiance Paints.  You can do such amazing things with these paints.  Not only can you design your own silk scarves, you can colour skeins of wool, colour socks and even wooden bangles.  You can also design your own paper.  Every item is unique as no two patterns will be alike.  To obtain some of the patterns I have used Epsom Salts.  I love using these paints so much that I have decided to become an Independent Teacher in my local area.  Here are a few of my designs.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Mosaic Pendants.

I really enjoy making these mosaic pendants.  They are made from glass tiles and are clear grouted.  The chains are 92.5% silver in lengths from 46cm to 60cm.  All pendants come in a variety of colours which will make a great accessory for any season of the year.  They are priced at $18.50 plus postage and handling.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Eco Dyed Fabric using Leaves and Flowers

I have enjoyed dyeing wool and silk fabrics with leaves and flowers from Australian Trees and Shrubs and other plant matter.

1.  This wood jersey was dyed with eucalyptus leaves, red onion skins and carrot tops.  This piece of fabric will made into a skirt.

2.  This piece of silk was firstly dyed with dried herbs and then over dyed with eucalyptus leaves and red onions skins and I will make this into a scarf.

3.  Silk dyed with eucalyptus leaves and I will also make this into a scarf.

4.  I have dyed to 100g hanks of wool, one on the left is dyed with spinach/silver beat and the one on the right is dyed with eucalyptus leaves.

5.  This is a piece of silk dyed with pepper tree leaves.  The leaves didnt give a good colour sadly.

6.  I attended a workshop learning how to achieve colour using this type of dyeing so this is my original piece where  I used wool jersey and dyed it with eucalyptus leaves and lavender flowers.

7.  This is a piece of pale pink silk satin and I have dyed this using bottle brush flowers.

8.  I dyed this piece at a workshop too, using the pale pink silk satin and dyeing it with bottle brush flowers, prunus tree leaves and carrot tops.

9.  This is a piece of beautiful wool fabric dyed with eucalyptus leaves.  Normally eucalyptus leaves give you a orange colour but this one gives a yellow colour.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mosaic Bird Baths.

I just love mosaics.  This is a selection of my designs.  The measurements of these are approx. 18cm high and 28 and 31cm wide.  They sit under your shrubs and the little birds just love them.  Prices are $68.00 for the 28cm size and $71.00 for 31cm and if they need to posted, postage and handling would have to be added to the price. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Polymer Clay

On the 10th October I attended a Polymer Clay Workshop at Edelweiss Gallery at Dungowan.  Our tutor was Arlene Delahenty.  Arlene is well known for her Sculptures and Silver Jewellery. Using Polymer Clay is just so easy and you can make the most exquisite things.  I will put up a couple of photos.  The Butterfly was our project at the workshop which I am going to make into a broach.  The middle photo will be made into a pendant and I used cotton lace to achieve the pattern.