Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Other Items

My sister and I were lucky enough to attend a 2 day workshop conducted by Anne Mitchell the owner of Genesis Creations from Toowoomba.  Genesis Creations is Australian owned and the products are made in Australia.  Anne showed us how to use their Liquid Radiance Paints.  You can do such amazing things with these paints.  Not only can you design your own silk scarves, you can colour skeins of wool, colour socks and even wooden bangles.  You can also design your own paper.  Every item is unique as no two patterns will be alike.  To obtain some of the patterns I have used Epsom Salts.  I love using these paints so much that I have decided to become an Independent Teacher in my local area.  Here are a few of my designs.