Saturday, 10 August 2013

Eco Dyed Fabric using Leaves and Flowers

I have enjoyed dyeing wool and silk fabrics with leaves and flowers from Australian Trees and Shrubs and other plant matter.

1.  This wood jersey was dyed with eucalyptus leaves, red onion skins and carrot tops.  This piece of fabric will made into a skirt.

2.  This piece of silk was firstly dyed with dried herbs and then over dyed with eucalyptus leaves and red onions skins and I will make this into a scarf.

3.  Silk dyed with eucalyptus leaves and I will also make this into a scarf.

4.  I have dyed to 100g hanks of wool, one on the left is dyed with spinach/silver beat and the one on the right is dyed with eucalyptus leaves.

5.  This is a piece of silk dyed with pepper tree leaves.  The leaves didnt give a good colour sadly.

6.  I attended a workshop learning how to achieve colour using this type of dyeing so this is my original piece where  I used wool jersey and dyed it with eucalyptus leaves and lavender flowers.

7.  This is a piece of pale pink silk satin and I have dyed this using bottle brush flowers.

8.  I dyed this piece at a workshop too, using the pale pink silk satin and dyeing it with bottle brush flowers, prunus tree leaves and carrot tops.

9.  This is a piece of beautiful wool fabric dyed with eucalyptus leaves.  Normally eucalyptus leaves give you a orange colour but this one gives a yellow colour.

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